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Zapiro Collectibles sell figurines that have been carefully sculpt by Judd Simantov under the close direction of Zapiro himself.  We have introduced a series of collectible figurines based on ZAPIRO caricatures. The first figurine of the series is none-other than Zapiro's iconic caricature Nelson Mandela aka Madiba.  President Jacob Zuma  (Zuma) and Julius Malema (Juju) are now availabe too.  Desmond Tutu and one other will follow in 2016. These five will be known as the South African Political Series.

Each figurine is handcrafted and hand-painted to closely resemble Zapiro's well-known cartoon caricatures. The figurines stand 18 centimetres tall and are made of a dense polyresin - a sturdy stone-base material, that can be intricately moulded allowing a great level of detail, and have a similar appearance to porcelain and pottery.